Lake Bohinj

On our second day in Slovenia we were greeted with terrible weather. For 32 hours it rained… But it wasn’t like rain we have back home.

Due to the altitude it felt like we were in amongst the clouds — it was breathtaking! And the rain was more of a light drizzle than torrential downpour.

So with the forecast looking poor we decided to visit the nearest shop in search of umbrellas and brave the storm; and we’re glad we did!

Lake Bohinj

Our destination was Lake Bohinj. Although this area is made popular for its view of the Church of St. John the Baptist, we ended up being more interested in the lake itself.

Why? Because over the hills a gorgeous layer of cloud kept passing over the landscape, creating the most gorgeous of mood.

Unfortunately, we were unable to take photos at sunrise or sunset this day but we were glad to get some shots in the afternoon.