Slovenian Send Off

On our last day, before heading home, we had time for one more sunrise… Our initial plan was to revisit the church of St. Thomas, in hope of clearer skies; but the position of the sun wasn’t terribly appealing.

So after some careful deliberations, we decided there was no better way than to return where it all began — Lake Bled.

The only question was would we get better conditions than our first morning? Well thanks to a thick layer of cloud on the horizon, it didn’t look likely. But we fired off a few shots anyway and went for a dander around the lake.

What we didn’t expect, was that 45mins after sunrise things would kick off in a big way. A soft, diffuse ray of light broke through a gap in the cloud and the entire scene lit up like a Christmas tree.

And just like that, Slovenia gave us the farewell we had been hoping for!