Behind The Shot: White Rocks

Making A Plan

With the recent heat wave in the UK it can be very easy to give photography a miss (empty blue skies are boring!). Last weekend, however, I accepted the challenge and headed out anyway.

Before doing anything I always like to make a plan, and on this particular evening I made the following decisions:

  • Shoot away from the sun
  • Shoot a scene with plenty of foreground and mid-ground interest 

Why? Because shooting into the sun wouldn't have produced a compelling image and there would be very little colour in the sky. 

So I headed to White Rocks at the north Antrim Coast. Here, the sea and limestone cliffs would provide strong compositional elements that would compensate for the lack of drama in the sky. 

Getting the Shot

Now that I had established my location I had to get the shot. If you're into photography and haven't already invested in filters, then do yourself a favour and purchase a few — they will change your life! For this shot I used the following: 

  • A polariser — to remove the glare and saturate the scene
  • A graduated ND filter — to balance the bright sky against the darker foreground
  • A 6 stop solid ND filter — to smooth the water and make it less busy/distracting

With the filters in place and composition dialed in, all I had to do was sit back and wait for the soft evening light. 

Together all of these decisions allowed me to capture a captivating scene, one which I look forward to hanging on a wall some day! 

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