Light in the Distance

For the past few weeks I've been either too busy, or the weather has been so good that I haven't wanted to go out with the camera (long term readers will know I'm never a fan of blue skies...) 

Come Saturday evening, however, I decided the hiatus had gone on long enough; and it was time to wipe the dust off my camera. With the forecast looking most promising in the north I got in my car and headed for Antrim. Normally I'd go straight to the coast but I decided that since I haven't taken many photographs of Slemish that I'd go there instead.

As the clock approached sunset I could see some gorgeous light beginning to bubble under the surface of the dense cloud. The question is... Would it reach Slemish?

The optimist's answer is — just enough! But if I had driven just 30mins further north I would have had even better conditions. However that's the gamble we play as photographers; we stick with our location and if it works out, great! If not, the sun will always shine another day.

With that being said I'm glad I came home with an image and it was great to stretch the legs.