Untouched Ireland

Last weekend I discovered my new favourite place in N. Ireland — Murlough Bay.

This gorgeous location is nestled between Fair Head and Torr Head on the north Antrim coast, and is probably the most magical spots I have ever visited for sunrise. 

As I drove down the steep and narrow path I couldn't help but be amazed by how untouched this area truly is. Everywhere you look there is wildlife — whether it's lambs, sheep or rabbits, they're everywhere! I even managed to spot a deer. 

When you finally make it down to the bottom you're greeted with a gnarled windswept tree and the the burial site of Sir Roger Casement. This, along with several other sections of Murlough Bay, have been used as sets for Game of Thrones. Thankfully the GoT buzz hasn't tarnished this beautiful area!