After the Hail

Last weekend I finally escaped my rut and captured a new image — this time at Kinbane! 

As I drove towards my location I wasn't entirely hopeful for something great, but as I got closer and closer conditions continued to get better. Then I got out of my car and was met with something entirely unexpected... Hail! 

Thankfully it was only a light shower which continued on/off for 30mins and stopped just before the sun started to peak over the horizon. Then the colour hit... And the clouds which were once dumped frozen pellets began to light up with the most intense red & orange glow I've seen in a long time.  

There's so many more compositions I want to explore down here, so don't be surprised if you see me posting another sunrise from this spot! 

FYI — credit goes to Chris Ibbotson for tipping me off to this epic composition. If you haven't seen his work, definitely check it out!