Where it all Began

The winter months are always difficult for photography. This, of course, is entirely due to sunrise and sunset falling between working hours. Every year, however, when the days starts to lengthen, I return to where it all began... Cave Hill. 

Back in in 2015, when I was just starting to consider getting into photography, I had been mesmerized by shots taken from Cave Hill (captured by much more accomplished photographers e.g. Alistair Hamill).

So when I finally took the plunge and bought a camera I knew this location would be first on my list. To this day it is still one of my favourite spots and every year I always make an effort to return.

Come Sunday morning, I finally made my annual visit. As I approached the Upper Hightown Road I could feel the wind battering the hills, and only the tiniest of gaps was visible on the horizon. For some, these conditions might seem hopeless.  If you're a photographer, however, it's exactly what you want to see! Because narrow gaps on the horizon are a catalyst for dramatic light, which meant I knew I was in for something special. 

And luckily enough, after freezing my butt off at the top of this hill, I was finally rewarded!