Crohy Head

On my second day in Donegal I have to admit I tried cramming too many locations into the one day. From Errigal and its many vantage points, Dunlewey Church & the surrounding area, Sabrina, and Crohy Head — I did it all!

So much so that when I arrived at Crohy Head I didn’t have nearly enough time to explore the area for compositions.

When I arrived I quickly scouted the cliffs to see what shots awaited me. Here, you can use the beautiful sweep of the bay to create a leading line towards the sea arch.

However in order to really emphasise the scale of the sea arch I waned to get up close and personal. So I scrambled down to the shore and had maybe 30 minutes to find a composition before sunset.

With so many foreground options to choose from, and the movements of the waves creating ever changing compositions, you could easily spend hours down here.

In the end I settled for the below shot and caught the light just in time! And lucky for me there was a rain shower approaching in the distance which turned the entire scene beautiful shades of orange and yellow. Fortunately, the rain stayed away just long enough to allow me retreat up the cliff path before getting drenched!