After getting my first taste of Donegal during summer this year I knew I had to explore more of this beautiful county. So after my recce in Wicklow I headed north!

With so many gorgeous landscapes up here it was hard to narrow down my list, but somewhere I really wanted to visit was an old shipwreck by the name of Sabrina.

Finding this vessel can a bit of a challenge but I knew it was along the southern banks of Mulroy Bay so I drove around for a few minutes and came across an old abandoned warehouse. It is here that I decided to park up and have a quick look along the shore, and much to my surprise it was beached right behind this building!

Unfortunately the tide was out when I arrived so I checked my phone and knew it was to be in again around 10am the following morning — which is when I took the below image.

Since it was a rather grey day I opted for a long exposure to give it a more dreamy look and put more emphasis on the boat.