The Dark Hedges

A few weeks back, after returning back from my Ireland road trip (the Donegal portion is still to come, so stay tuned) I heard on the radio that fog was in the forecast…

Now I don’t know about you, but I am of the opinion that fog is very rare in our wee country. So when I arrived home I immediately checked the BBC NI forecast and sure enough dense fog was due to cover most of Antrim!

So despite an already action-packed week I decided to go straight to bed and get up for sunrise. But where I was I headed? The Dark Hedges, of course!

I have been looking a moody shot of this location for ages now, and as I drove along the A26 the fog gradually got denser the further north I went — things were looking promising!

As I turned off towards Ballycastle / Armoy, conditions started to change… The fog got less and less intense the closer I got to The Dark Hedges until it was entirely gone. However given that I had already drove all the way there I got out of my car and joined the 8 other photographers who were hoping for the same conditions.

Thankfully, when the sun came up the softest layer of mist began the appear among the beautiful old beech trees — which meant I was able to come home with a gorgeous shot!