Wicklow Gap

On my last day I decided to take a run up the Wicklow Gap to see what photographic opportunities laid waiting. It was here that I discovered the Glendasan Valley Lead Mines…

Wicklow Gap

As you make your way up this gorgeous winding road you will find discover parking area by the roadside which leads to the Glendasan Valley Lead Mines.

This wasn’t what interested me, however; it was the Glendasan river which travels from Turlough Hill all the way down to Glendalough and beyond.

After spending the afternoon wandering around this area I quickly realised something… This would work perfectly for sunrise! The only problem was that I was due to go home that evening…

So after sunset, when I was due to go home, I quickly took one last look at the forecast. Much to my envy, conditions looked promising… And so I made a last minute decision to stay one more night!

Part of me thought I was crazy, but the other half couldn’t resist the potential for something epic! The following morning things didn’t look as good as predicted… Both the wind and rain were giving me plenty of reasons to stay in bed. But, I didn’t stay for nothing! So I drove to my location and waited.

Ten minutes before sunrise the rain began to ease off and I sprinted for my composition! To say it was challenging is an understatement. Between every shot I was wiping my filters and lens dry with every cloth I had in my bag.

But… When it was all said and done I came away with an image. And boy was I glad I stayed one more night!