Come autumn, landscape photographers will flock to two locations in Ireland — Tollymore Forest and Cloghleagh.

This year, however, I was determined not to set foot in Tollymore!


Cloghleagh is home to gorgeous bridge spanning the Liffey River and enough autumnal colour to make any landscape photographer giddy with joy.

Unfortunately the northern side of the bridge is currently damaged and has orange barriers up as a temporary fix. Because of this I focused on the southern side.

Much to my surprise as soon as I arrived I bumped into two other landscape photographers that I know from the north — the excellent Steven Hanna and Gilbert Lennox!

It just goes to show that you can go nowhere in Ireland without bumping into someone you know…

If you do plan on visiting Cloghleagh be careful not to leave anything valuable in your car. I was warned on two occasions by locals that it is notorious for car break-ins…