In The Bleak Midwinter

This week we experienced another big snowfall (hurrah!). Unfortunately, however, due to work commitments I never had a chance to head out with the camera. So when Saturday came I knew there was only one thing I would be doing — hiking into the Mournes! 

For this trip I linked up with Ryan Simpson, who was out capturing some timelapse footage. Our plan was to climb Slieve Binnian but as soon as we arrived the entire of the Mournes was hidden under a blanket of cloud...

Nevertheless we pressed on, trudging our way through shin deep snow (if you think the Mournes are tough, try hiking in the snow!). After reaching the top were greeted by a snow shower that reduced visibility to mere meters, and persisted for much of the afternoon. 

Thankfully, as we drew closer and closer to 4pm the cloud relented and we received our first glimpse of proper sunshine! 

I took a quick shot of a lonely tor and then ran for the summit. Surprisingly, there was very little cloud in the upper atmosphere, which gave very little interest in the sky. So I decided to shoot the soft evening light that was bathing the snow covered tors instead. 

After enjoying the last few moments of light I couldn't help but notice the extraordinary inversion that was sweeping over Silent Valley.