A Splash of Colour

During my time up north there were very few opportunities to photograph dramatic skies. 

In fact, I woke up each morning for sunrise and headed out every evening for sunset but still never got the shots I wanted. Then, one evening when I was editing on my laptop I heard rumours on social media of crazy colour in the sky — so I headed out! 

With very little time on my hands and strong winds beating their way across the north coast I decided to photograph white rocks from Magheracross car park. It's a very popular spot for locals to sit in their cars and watch the sun go down, and equally appreciated by photographers. 

For a good 30 minutes I watched as the sky changed different shades of yellow, orange and red; it was spectacular! 

On another evening the sky lit up just as vibrant but unfortunately down at the Giant's Causeway a blanket of cloud blocked 99% of it. However I still managed to find a new composition and cannot wait to head back here! 

And finally I managed to photograph Kinbane once more. Again it's a morning were the sky didn't really give the colour I had hoped for but it was still worth the early start!