A Sea of Green

Here we are. The end. The finale. The farewell.


The last location on our whistle-stop tour of the Faroe Islands was the picturesque village of Saksun. 

When you arrive in the Faroes the first thing you'll notice is that many of the houses here have grass roofs. But why on earth would you put grass on your roof? Well if you think about it, sod roofs provide good insulation, are inexpensive, and look terrific! 

So it was only right that we visit Saksun — a little village that houses around 14 people. That's right, 14. 

But like any village in the Faroe Islands, isolation is what makes it magical. And in fact, Saksun is one of the most popular attractions for locals and tourists because of its tranquil atmosphere, natural circular amphitheatre and beautiful fjord.

Unfortunately when we arrived the light wasn't particular great but that didn't stop us from snapping some photos of the beautiful grass roofed houses and church! 


And with that our adventure was over. To say it was epic was an understatement. I will definitely remember this holiday for a long time coming, and any trips in the future will have big shoes to fill! 

As photographers we often get hung up on buying the best cameras, lenses and equipment. But in reality, if you bought a plane ticket rather than a piece of gear, you just might find that the rewards are even greater. Not just because of the photographs, but the adventure! 

Here's to the next one! 

Our accommodation for the trip — a beautiful Faroese house. Shame it didn't have a grass roof!