A Storm's Coming

Mournes, it's been a while. 

After neglecting these beautiful hills for months now I finally returned to capture an image I've been wanting for some time now. 

It was a Friday evening and after a long day in work the last thing I wanted was to spend ~3 hours in the hills. However with the forecast looking for Saturday & Sunday I decided I would suck it up and head out! 

As ever my plan was to capture a clear horizon with beautiful soft colours in the sky; but after arriving at my location I quickly realised that a band of rain was heading my way... 

This could mean one of two things. Either:

  • The storm would block any and all light from reaching me
  • Or the water droplets in the distance would act like a giant softbox

As luck would have it, mother nature gave me the latter.

For a solid 30mins I watched as this band of rain grew nearer and nearer, and the colours grew deeper and deeper. And then, after I snapped a few photographs and jumped with excitement, it was gone. The light switch had been flicked, and the sun was gone (consumed by the storm). 

A few moments later I was greeted with the downpour... But I didn't care because my hike had been worth it! Here's hoping my next visit to the Mournes is just as epic!