Skull Island

Contrary to the title we weren't actually at Skull Island (home of the fictional creature King Kong). But in my opinion, the landscape you're about to see is the closest I've ever seen! 

DAY 2 — Kalsoy

Unlike our first day, we decided against heading out for an afternoon shoot but rather catch up on some rest before our big adventure to Kalsoy. 

Kalsoy is a tiny little island that is only accessible by ferry and hosts some of the most spectacular views in all of the Faroes. Our plan was to head here for sunset and stick around till sunrise. 

As soon as we arrived we couldn't help but notice a gorgeous little church with rugged hills in the background. Needless to say, we stopped for a photo! For this shot I used a slow shutter speed to capture some of the clouds rolling over the distant hills. 

DAY 2 (SUNSET) — Kallur Lighthouse

After photographing the church we packed up our gear and headed for the main attraction — Kallur Lighthouse. 

To get here we parked at the nearby village of Trøllanes and hiked for 40mins or more to Kallur. Once here, we crossed a steep ridge to a spectacular viewpoint that offered panoramic views of the lighthouse and surrounding landscape — it was breathtaking!  

A phone pic from our viewpoint

Once here we setup shop and waited patiently for sunset. On this evening, all signs pointed towards success; but on the eleventh hour cloud came in from nowhere and obscured the horizon. This presented a problem — would any of the golden light be able to sneak through and light up the cliff face?? As luck would have it, a small gap formed and breathed life back into the scene!

We hung about here hoping for a few shots at sunrise, but with the cloud thickening we decided to pack up our gear and headed for the car. 

Just an FYI — if you ever plan on visiting this location, they are in the process of invoking a guided tour-only policy because so many people are starting to visit this lighthouse. Lucky for us, we arrived in here just to avoid this!