Hamar Time

After our epic sunrise on Day 1 we weren't too sure if we'd be able to top it. But that didn't stop us from trying! So with zero sleep after Gásadalur we hit the roads. 

DAY 2 (SUNRISE) — Funningur

Our next location were the epic hills of Funningur — or more specifically, Fossinshamar. From here you'll find a plethora of vantage points overlooking an epic fjord that runs as far as the eye can see. 

The plan was to capture some gorgeous side lighting hitting the hills; but with an increasing amount of cloud closing in we weren't too sure if we'd get our chance. A solid hour or more passed after sunrise and we finally got our break. For a few moments we were able to watch as beautifully golden rays finally light up the landscape — cue the sound of camera shutters! 

Since getting into photography I've headed out for many a sunrise,  and every single time I find it the most relaxing of experiences. There is truly no better way than to start your day than watching the first light hit the sky. But on this morning, with an epic fjord before me, I was the most relaxed I've ever been with my camera. 

If only I could head out to an epic location like this every morning!