A Picturesque Plunge

After our successful trip to Fossá it was time to grab some food before heading out for sunset. Although I don't have any photographic evidence, I can confirm we had some epic burgers in the capital city Tórshavn!

DAY 1 (SUNSET) — Gásadalur

For sunset our cameras brought us to Gásadalur, which hosts another epic waterfall (Mulafossur) and is located on the western side of the island Vágar. 

However, much like every location in the Faroes the landscapes tend to deliver a lot more than you bargain for. Not only is Mulafossur a picturesque waterfall in its own right but it is surrounded by the highest mountains in the island of Vágar, and is adorned with a beautiful settlement housing around 18 people. That's right, 18. 

Furthermore, if you're feeling daring you can clamber down a set of steep steps to the shoreline and shoot the waterfall from below — which adds another interesting perspective. 

As with any sunset we were hoping the sky would light up for us but low hanging cloud blocked the best of the light. But that didn't stop us from getting some awesome photos! 

DAY 1 — Fini

To say our first day in the Faroes was epic is an absolute understatement. Our only fear now was that we had peaked early! Fortunate for us... This little country had a lot more to offer — so stay tuned for blog number 4!