Look to the Sky...

After our epic sunrise at Leitisvatn we decided to catch some sleep before our next big adventure.

(You'll quickly come to realise over the course of these blogs that sleep was a luxury that we couldn't afford. I mean.. Why sleep when there are epic landscapes to photograph?)

DAY 1 (NOON) — Fossá

Fossá is the highest waterfall in all of the Faroes and boasts not one, but two epic falls. Although when we were here we only focused on photographing the lower fall since the upper one was difficult to access (unless your name is Ryan 'The Mountain Goat' Simpson, who managed to clamber his way up!). 

Being from N. Ireland it's rare that I get to photograph epic waterfalls, so when you arrive in the Faroes and find their highest one is just a few steps from the roadside, you quickly become very jealous! 

If you ever decide to take a trip to the Faroes, definitely put Fossá on your list. The sure convenience alone makes it a worthwhile visit! 

Stay tuned for the next blog — it will feature our first Faroese sunset!