Don't Look Down...

If you happen to follow my personal account on Facebook you'll have noticed that this past week I was visiting the Faroe Islands with four great friends who are equally as obsessed about photography as I am (in fact, probably more so). 

For those who don't know the Faroes are located between Iceland and Norway and is comprised of 18 rocky volcanic islands. To get here you need to book a flight from Edinburgh but when you arrive it's totally worth it. 


Come Sunday evening we landed and collected the keys to our rental car as fast as we could. For most, if you were to land in a foreign country at 10:30pm you would more than likely head towards your accommodation and catch an early night. 

Not this crowd. This was bunch of photographers eager to explore a new landscape!

So with that we scoped out our first location and stayed awake until sunrise to catch the morning light. 


DAY 1 (A.M.) — Sørvágsvatn 

Sunrise took us to Lake Sørvágsvatn (or Leitisvatn) where we'd photograph one of the most anticipated locations on our itinerary. 

What's so exciting about a lake, you might ask? Because this one is perched neatly alongside the most spectacular cliffs you'll ever see (which lead abruptly into the North Atlantic Ocean). One slip here could be your last, but like any good photographers we exercised extreme caution.

At first the sunrise didn't look like it would deliver for us, but almost two hours after sunrise the most spectacular rays lit up the landscape presenting some of the best light any of us have ever seen. If this wasn't the Faroes rolling out the welcome mat, then I don't know what is!

DAY 1 (A.M.) — Bøsdalafossur

After shooting this epic light we decided to head for Bøsdalafossur waterfall, which is where Lake Sørvágsvatn enters the sea. 

Again this location boasts dramatic cliff faces and a rugged ocean. Had it not began to drizzle I would have loved to photograph this spot some more, but given how successful our morning had already been there was little room for disappointment.