Sticking To Your Guns

It was Sunday evening and I was jonesing for a photograph. A quick look at the forecast showed sunshine with clouds at the north Antrim coast, which could only mean good things.

My plan was to walk along the Causeway Cliffs to a location I've been looking to photograph for sometime now, but when I arrived the sky looked flat as a pancake. For a good 10mins I stood around deciding whether or not I should just go home and call it quits early. Thankfully, I unenthusiastically decided I would walk halfway along the cliff path and have a look for new compositions.

Eventually I came across a shot that had potential and decided I might as well stick around till sunset — and thank goodness I did! The sunset was initially an undramatic affair, but just as that golden orb hit the edge of the horizon the sky lit up! And boy did it go on fire! 

For a good 30mins or more the sky oozed with colour (even after the sun had set) — it was simply breathtaking! If you've ever decided to lose your mind and take up landscape photography you'll quickly come to realise that it's a game of patience.

Even in the bleakest of scenarios mother nature can decide to flick the light switch and light up the sky! And you just know, that if you head home early, you'll miss it. This time, I'm glad I stuck to my guns!