Blowing Away The Cobwebs

Normally when you don't hear from me for a while it's because I haven't had any successful shoots. On this occasion I simply haven't been out!

This wasn't a deliberate, of course, it just sort of happened... This weekend, however, I decided I would blow the cobwebs off my camera and head out for sunset!

On Saturday evening the forecast showed rain + sunshine so my initial plan was to head for the Mournes. Unfortunately, the predictions switched to more rain than sunshine in the Down area — so I made a quick decision to head for the Causeway instead. It's a place I'm not terribly fond of because of all the tourists, however upon arrival there didn't seem to be many cars in car park so I was hopeful I'd have the place to myself.

Then I arrived down at the stones... A 13 man tour group of photographers travelling from Italy were already there waiting for sunset, which meant I'd have to fight for a composition. Alas, I settled on one that didn't have photographers in it and stood my ground! 

I'm not too sure if I like the shot I ended up with but it's a shot nonetheless! Next time I head out I'll more than likely venture into the Mournes (unless the forecast plays tricks with me again).