The Highest Peak in Ireland

Saturday morning was judgement day. It was today that Alistair, Ryan and I would climb Carrauntoohil — the highest mountain in all of Ireland (located in Macgillycuddy's Reeks). 

If you've ever climbed the Mourne Mountains you'll know that they're more hills than mountains (in fact, by definition they are). The Reeks, however, are a completely different beast. Hiking the shortest route involves scrambling over precarious rock faces & trudging through enough scree to fill a landfill, and if you're not careful the path can be extremely dangerous. But that doesn't matter. Why? Because the landscape is simply stunning.

As soon as you leave the car park you are greeted with an impressive view of Carrauntoohil — a dominating figure standing proud in the distance with its rugged face. And as if that wasn't enough the trail takes you past three different loughs, adding further to the beauty of this foreign landscape. 

However, the real treat is at the summit. When you reach the top you find that Carrauntoohil is roughly level with two neighbours, Beenkeragh and Caher; and a short 30 minute hike will take you between each of them. But to be honest, all I cared about was the view of Caher from here. Never before have I seen a ridge-shaped summit (let alone hiked one). Every angle of it was stunning, and although it looked threatening there was a clear and obvious path to climb it. 

If you ever decide to explore CarrauntoohilI would encourage you to do your homework and take your time. The journey is long and the climb difficult, but boy is it worth it!