Ross Castle

Last weekend was a rather special one. With the end of the Easter holidays in sight, myself and two good friends (Alistair and Ryan) decided we would head down to Killarney. Why? Because Killarney is home to the highest mountain in all of Ireland — Carrantuohill! 

Given how long the journey is we decided we would make a weekend of it, so Friday evening our adventure began with sunset! Our plan was to photograph Ross Castle and the surrounding area, but as we would later find out the sunset would only be a dull affair... 

However that didn't stop us from capturing something epic! How, you may ask? Because as soon as the sun went down, Ross Castle lit up — providing fantastic contrast between the fading twilight. 

If you ever head down to Killarney, be sure to give it a visit. P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for further blogs in the coming days. I plan to share one or two more from our trip.

Spoiler alert: the next one will feature the most dramatic mountains in all of Ireland!