A Glimpse of Aurora

2017 has been a pretty dry year for auroras thus far.... However in the past few weeks we finally caught a break!

On the 22nd March I headed up to the north Antrim coast in hope of capturing my first decent aurora at the Giant's Causeway. As I would later find out, however, the display here would only be a minor one; but before heading home I decided to make a stop at Dunluce Castle — just in case. Low and behold, the sky lit up with activity! Part of me wishes I had still been down at the Causeway but at least I was out with my camera and not driving home missing it! 

Then last week brought our second chance of seeing the aurora so I ventured up to Mussenden Temple in hope of improving on a shot I captured last October. Once again the display was only a minor affair but I came home with the aurora, milky way and a shooting star all in one photograph! If that's not a success then I don't know what is. 

Like any photography, aurora hunting can be defeating experience; but when you get it right there are few better experiences than watching the sky burst into activity! Here's hoping 2017 has more for us.