A Castle With A View

This past weekend I wasn't really in the mood for photography. In fact, I had no real enthusiasm to head out on Friday or Saturday at all.

Then came Sunday... My family decided they would head to Portrush for the day! Could this be the motivation I needed to finally snap my next photo?? After all, I hadn't photographed the north coast since my Mussenden aurora back in October!

So with that I was away to the north Antrim coast. My travels brought me to Dunluce Castle for sunset, which is easily one of my favourite locations of all time. I had originally thought about heading down to the shoreline beneath the castle but after arriving I quickly spotted a lone photographer out on the cliffs.

Low and behold it was my friend and fellow photographer Johnny Baird! He was out scouring the land for potential compositions for sunset. As it would turn out, it was this cliff face that a Belfast photographer shot his award winning photo of Dunluce not too long ago. So I thought I'd try my hand at this interesting angle. 

At first the sunset didn't look too promising and I was worried I'd be heading home disappointed, but as soon as the sun slipped behind the cloud the scene lit up with the most extraordinary colours — it was simply epic!

With spring on the horizon I cannot wait to start shooting more of this beautiful part of the country in the coming weeks & months. Here's to more epic adventures!