Cosmic Beauty

This week we were blessed to have two gloriously clear nights. And lucky for me, I was able to head out for photos on the latter of the two.

For this adventure I decided to head for Slemish Mountain in County Antrim with my good friend Alistair Hamill. This is by far one of our fondest spots for shooting the night sky. Why? Because it's rare to find a location in N. Ireland that doesn't suffer from absurd amounts of light pollution.

For hours we stared up at the sky and marveled in its beauty; pointing out various constellations, the north star and of course the milky way. In fact, we stayed here so long that frost began to form on our tripods! 

Perhaps someday I will travel to a location in the world that is truly devoid of light pollution. I can only begin to imagine how surreal it would be to stare up in awe at the cosmic beauty...