Making Your Own Luck

It has been a while since I last got out with my camera to shoot some landscapes. In fact it has been so long that last weekend I was completely desperate for a shot.

So on Saturday evening I had a look at the forecast for the coming morning and saw that there would be nothing but cloud over much of N.Ireland. But I didn't care, I was getting up for sunrise no matter what! In the end my travels took me to Newcastle in Co.Down to shoot the nearby coastline. 

Not long after arriving at the location I began taking my camera out of its bag when out of nowhere the sky exploded with reds and magentas! Needless to say I quickly scrambled for a photograph before the light was gone! I kid you not, I actually had to turn down the saturation in my final image (life's tough, I know!) because in my opinion the colours were a bit too intense. 

It just goes to show you how you never know what you might get when you head out with your camera. You can analyse the forecasts as much as you want to try and guarantee a successful shoot, but more often than not it's all about making your own luck.