Ice, Wind and Fire

It was the day after Boxing Day, and after several evenings of stuffing my face I decided it was time to get the legs moving again. And what better way to burn the bird than to head for the Mournes! 

My initial plan was to hike the high Mournes but due to time constraints I opted for the lesser trekked western summits. 

Needless to say, just because these hills don't see the spotlight doesn't mean they aren't epic in their own right. For this shoot I decided to climb Rocky Mountain — somewhere I've surprisingly never been before. 

Upon reaching the summit cairn I was greeted with the most magnificent hoar frost. Everything around me was coated in a gorgeous crystalline cocoon — accentuating every little detail in this cold, barren landscape.

For the next 30-45mins I sat back and watched as the light battled the passing cloud; casting its beautiful warm glow every opportunity it could get. It just goes to show that you don't always have to visit the hot spots to come home impressed. 

P.S. If you want to see how windy it was, head over to my Instagram and checkout the archived story. It's underneath my bio!