Light It Up

It wouldn't be a year in photography if we didn't capture the aurora...

For all of 2017 the northern lights have either been non-existent or the weather has quashed every opportunity we've had in N. Ireland. Then yesterday evening came...

For most of the day I was out photographing more autumnal scenes, but when I arrived home I had a quick look at the aurora stats. Much to my surprise, the readings were going crazy! 

So with that I quickly grabbed my gear, jumped in the car and hit the road! For the longest while I've wanted to good photograph of the aurora from the Causeway stones, and with a ~75% moon I knew it would be the perfect time to give it a shot. 

Unfortunately I didn't arrive till ~7:30pm, at which point the peak of the display had already come and gone. But around 9:30pm it kicked off again (albeit to a lesser extent)! To the naked eye you could see pillars beaming in the sky like search lights — it was spectacular! 

Be sure to checkout my timelapse below! 

P.S. Special thanks go out to Derek Heeps. Shortly after I arrived my memory card corrupted and all my spares were at home... Luckily, Derek was there to lend me one of his. If it wasn't for him, I'd never have been able to capture this beautiful display.