A Wander in the Mournes

This past weekend I was jonesing for some Mourne adventure. Then, like most Saturdays when the weather is good, Alistair messaged me!

So a solo hike quickly became a party of 3 (myself, Alistair Hamill and Johnny Baird). Our wanders brought us to Hare's Castle and Buzzard's Roost. Hare's Castles isn't somewhere we had really been to before so we ended up spending quite a lot of time scouting the location. So much so that when we eventually reached Buzzard's Roost for sunset the sun had just began to slip behind the horizon.

However, that didn't stop us from capturing some moody shots of the final embers of twilight! If you want to see more photos from Hare's Castles feel free to check out the other two's pages. You'll quickly discover that I spent more time posing majestically than I did taking photos! But sure someone's got to do it ;)