The Devil's Coach Road

Last Monday the forecast was to be sunny and I had the day off work, so naturally this could lead to only one thing — heading to the Mournes. On this occasion, however, I thought I'd do something different and attempt my first Mourne sunrise!

For this trip I ventured up with friend and fellow photographer Ryan Simpson to try and conquer somewhere I hadn't been before — the Devil's Coach Road. As soon as you arrive it doesn't take long before you realise why it was given such a precarious name. Why? Because everywhere you look there are sheer vertical drops, which is a refreshing since most of the Mourne landscape is rather hilly.  

Unfortunately, shortly after we arrived a minor cloud inversion began to form. Normally this would be a good thing but since we weren't in the higher parts of the Mournes it wasn't long before we were consumed by the mist, which reduced our visibility significantly. On the plus side, however, it instantly made our scene much more moody, which made us pretty happy!

If you don't already follow Ryan on Facebook I would encourage you to look at his page. He's even fonder of the Mournes than I am and shared some awesome shots from the very same morning! Link is here