Grey & Miserable

It's rare I ever go out with my camera when the sky is grey & miserable. In fact, I almost never do. But last week I was feeling like a change.

After a couple of days of being back at work I was in the mood for some photography, but looking outside all I could see was grey cloud. So I decided to head somewhere that benefits treacherous weather conditions — a lighthouse!

My travels took me to St John's Point Lighthouse in Co. Down. It's a location I've been to before but never truly captured a photo that I'm happy with, so I was hoping to try and change that. For me, it's quite a journey to St John's but when you arrive you're rewarded with the most aggressive rocky outcrops you'll ever see. In fact, when you start to look around you quickly come to realise why there's a need for a lighthouse along this section of the coast.

After wandering around a bit I managed to come across a beautiful puddle that was just oozing with reflections, and thanks to the lack of light I was able to very easily capture some movement in the cloud — which I feel adds even more drama to the image. 

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