The Northern Lights

It's that time of the year again. A time when the evenings get shorter and the nights get darker. Of course, not all evenings are as dark as you might expect... 

This week many of us in the UK were treated to our first aurora sightings of the season — which means this mad photographer was out at absurd hours pointing his camera at the stars.

On Wednesday evening my travels took me to Mussenden Temple. I wasn't overly optimistic given the amount of cloud and rain, which lead to me travelling quite leisurely to the north coast. After arriving I decided to make the walk from Lion's Gate car park to Mussenden Temple itself, just to see what the cloud cover was like. 

After my eyes started to adjust I noticed there was a bright band along the horizon — could it be the aurora already? I quickly got my gear out and fired off a few exposures. Lo and behold, there it was; dancing in plain site. After quickly rushing around and taking just a handful of shots, the show was over. I stuck around for a few hours longer but to no avail.

Had I been just a few minutes earlier perhaps I'd have seen even more. All I know for sure is, I'm glad I captured anything at all!

For those who haven't seen my other aurora shots before I've included them below. If you're keen enough, and willing to make the effort, then I can assure you that you too can witness the aurora.