It has been a long time coming but I finally caught a break! For over a month now I have been wrestling with low lying cloud on every outing with my camera, which has ultimately lead to numerous failed shoots. Don't get me wrong — I love a bit of cloud! Cloud either makes or breaks a shot. Lately, however, they have only been breaking mine.

Then came Tuesday. While sitting in work I couldn't help but notice that the weather was looking particularly promising outside — could there be a chance for a photograph? I quickly decided to leave work half an hour early, head home for my gear, and drive to a location I've been looking to photograph for some time now — Binevenagh! 

For most people, the thought of rushing home from work so they can get in their car and drive for 2 hours to take a photograph is utter madness. For others, it's exactly what they need to get the creative juices flowing and invigorate their soul.

Fortunate enough for me, the drive was well and truly worth it — and I finally broke my dry spell! Here's to the next epic photograph!