Perfect Light, Imperfect Conditions

This past weekend I headed for the North Antrim Coast to watch the Red Sails Festival fireworks display, and hopefully catch a sunset or two. For those who haven't been up to see it before (myself included) it is ran each year to mark the end of the festival. Spoiler alert: it was awesome, and I finally got to photograph fireworks for the first time. 

Next on my list was the Causeway cliffs. Like many other photographers I have recently fallen in love with the Antrim coastline. The transition from rugged cliff faces to the wild Atlantic is simply breathtaking. This, married with an epic sunset, makes a landscape photographers heart race with excitement. 

My travels brought me to the Giants Causeway to explore the amphitheatre - a viewpoint that my good friend Alistair Hamill recently captured. If you haven't seen his photos yet you should definitely give them a look (link is here). 

Unfortunately, when I headed up for sunset there were some pretty significant gales. This meant that even with my sturdy tripod I had to battle with relentless camera shake, which ultimately meant my photos would never be as sharp as I'm used to. Nevertheless, I soldiered on and managed to get a couple of shots that I am very pleased with.