All Work and No Play

It has been several weeks since my last landscape shoot. In fact, I haven't captured an image since my trip to Hare's Gap a month ago (if you missed this, you should really check it out)! I'm glad to say, however, that after weeks of poor or unconvincing weather I have finally got out with the camera again. 

My journey brought me to White Rocks at the North Antrim coast. I've been hoping to return to this location once more to try and catch the perfect light, and after a very wet and miserable Sunday it started to look like I wouldn't get a photograph at all. Fortunately, come the final hour the clouds began to part and reveal a pretty epic sunset. The warm evening light and pastel colours in the clouds were definitely worth waiting around for.

With so many amazing landscapes along the North Antrim coast it can be very difficult deciding where to photograph, but this is easily one of my favourites. Here's hoping the weather picks up again so I can head back up here...