Sweet Serenity

Last week my family and I traveled to Alicante in Spain for a long overdue holiday in the sun. It was a fantastic trip and one I'll likely share a blog post on once I get round to looking through the photos. 

With that being said, a week away from Northern Ireland left me craving some landscape photography. So when I arrived home on Saturday I headed to bed at a reasonable hour so I could get up at 4am for sunrise. My location of choice? Oxford Island Nature Reserve.

As with most sunrise shoots I had the place entirely to myself, which along with the warm light from the rising sun and the peaceful ripples of Lough Neagh made for a very relaxing start to Sunday morning. 

What's better is that I was able to test out a new toy I picked up a few weeks ago - my Big Stopper (a 10 stop ND filter). Jargon aside, it's a piece of glass that sits in front of your lens to restrict light, allowing you to capture motion in clouds and water.

I must admit, I can't decide which photo is my favourite... Feel free to let me know which you like best!