The First and Last Light

It was Wednesday evening and according to the weather forecast Thursday would be the last day of sunshine before we'd have to endure a weekend of rain. With that in mind I quickly tried to think of a couple of locations that I could photograph the following day.

The first stop was Belfast Castle for sunrise. I wasn't sure what to expect from this outing, all I knew was that I wanted to try and catch the first morning light hitting the front of the castle. It's a joy to see castles like this kept in such good order even after all these years.

For the evening I thought I'd head for Castle Roche - a location I first visited last May. I was crossing my fingers that I'd get some epic light, similar to my first encounter. Lucky for me, the sky did not disappoint. 

If you're looking for a castle to visit both of these locations are well worth a look, particularly Castle Roche.