Chasing Tors

After my recent trip up the Mournes to visit Slieve Meelmore and Meelbeg I knew I had to get back and experience more of the amazing landscapes this kingdom has to offer. Lucky for me, the weatherman was on my side and last weekend I was able to tick another mountain off my list. 

My journey led me to Cock and Hen Mountain. A recent photograph from fellow photographer Ryan Simpson tipped me off to these peaks, and given where the sun sets these days it made sense to visit them and see what I could capture. With that in mind I gathered my gear and headed out on Saturday evening.

After arriving I was torn whether to capture the sunset from Cock or Hen mountain, but I went with the former as it was the larger of the two and would hopefully give a more impressive view of the surrounding area. After arriving at the top I was more than glad I had wrapped up for the occasion. It's hard to believe that I needed to wear a warm jacket, gloves, scarf and hat for my hike given that it's April. Perhaps Spring will bring warm weather some time soon...

As ever, if you haven't experienced the Mourne mountains yet I would definitely encourage you to do so. Not only is it an enjoyable day out but the light here is magical.