An Epic Aurora, Round Two

It was Sunday evening (Mother's Day in fact) and I heard rumblings of a potential aurora over social media. After a busy weekend, however, I was feeling rather lazy - so I glanced at the weather forecast on my phone and saw cloud predicted for most of Northern Ireland. This was mistake number one.

So I stayed in and waited to see if anyone was getting lucky with cloud cover and auroral activity (mistake number two). A short while later I checked Facebook and heard reports of a crazy aurora that was more than visible to the naked eye. As you can imagine, I immediately regretted my prior decision and began to wonder should I head out and hopefully still catch the tail end. Unfortunately for me, I live quite a distance from my favourite spot for aurora photography (the Antrim coast) so I settled for Slemish mountain and made my way there as fast as I could.

As soon as I got out of the car and looked towards Slemish I witnessed the most amazing auroral display - one that was just as good as my first experience last October. Waves and pillars as far as the eye could see were dancing around the extinct volcano - no camera needed. Needless to say, I set up my tripod and hit the shutter button as fast as I could before it was gone.

So the lesson is this: don't wait for the aurora to come to you. Get out and seize the moment, because it could be something great; and it could be something you'll (almost) miss.