The Search for Inspiration

I've been struggling recently to find a location and the light that truly inspires me to get out and about with my camera. So to get my head back in the game I headed for somewhere I knew would motivate me. Where did I go? Where my photographic journey began.

It was Easter weekend of last year that I took the plunge and bought a camera that would allow me to pursue a hobby I'd always adored. The weekend it arrived I immediately headed up Cave Hill for the first of many sunrises. It was a highly ambitious move, given I had zero experience with my new camera and very little knowledge of composition. In a funny turn of events, my favourite photo to this day was taken that morning (my watch photo). 

Ironically, I've yet to get a photo of the view from Cave Hill that I truly adore. So I made it my mission to try and change that, and headed up one morning before work to catch the sunrise. It was a bitterly cold morning, with frost coating much of the landscape; but the light was magical. Despite making the most of the sunrise that morning, I couldn't help but wish I had taken the photo with a wider angled lens (I know, I'm my own worst critic). So I finally made the plunge and purchased a lens I've been meaning to pickup for a while. 

The lens arrived this weekend and I ventured out Sunday morning to see if I could top the sunrise I had already captured. Unfortunately, the light wasn't just as magical so I'll likely be heading out again very soon, but it was still an enjoyable morning for photography.