Winter Sunrise

It's been far too long since my last sunrise — so last weekend I decided that no matter what I would head out and capture one! Come Sunday morning I checked the weather one last time and noticed the forecast had changed to clear...

Now most people would love to hear that they're getting clear skies but if you're in anyway into photography you'll know that cloud can add an extra dimension to your image. However on this occasion I had told myself I would head out, so I did. Fortunate enough after arriving at Flagstaff Hill I was welcomed by a smattering of cloud; which could only mean good things!

As I would later find out, however, the clouds wouldn't actually light up with much colour. It seems the formula for an epic sunsrise / sunset will always remain a mystery for me, but the cold misty air did manage to catch some of the gorgeous warm light from the sun.

And best of all... My alarm only had to be set for 06:30!