A Chilly Seascape

This weekend I wasn't overly sure whether or not I would bother heading out for photos. Why? Well during a recent outing I unfortunately scratched my primary ND graduated filter.

This actually happened when I was using it with the dedicated filter holder, which obviously isn't the most ideal situation... So I reached out to Hitech, sent them my filter holder + damaged filter and they were happy enough to replace both of them! Now that's what I call customer service!

Unfortunately this meant I had no filter holder and was restricted to hand holding my old Hitech filter which is pretty battered and often presents artifacts with a strong light source. Lucky enough for me, my sunrise happened to tailor quite nicely to the situation. 

So after some filter trepidation I finally manned up and headed out for sunrise. And boy am I glad I did because I was able to capture my first epic seascape! One which I am super pleased with!

Funny story: I almost packed up and headed home before taking this photo. Then the sun appeared! Thank goodness I stayed! 

If anyone wants to purchase one of my images for Christmas I would encourage you to submit you order this week, otherwise I cannot guarantee that it will be ready in time.