Winter Is Coming

It’s not often we get snow during the winter months in N.Ireland — and it’s even less common to see it in autumn! But this past weekend we got exactly that. 

With the white fluffy stuff making an appearance across much of the country I knew I had to get out with the camera. My first stop was the Mourne Mountains on Saturday afternoon to see just how much snow actually fell in Co. Down. As it turned out, there was quite a bit!

So I quickly got out of the car, threw on my hiking boots and made for the wall. Going in I knew the cloud probably wouldn't play ball with me, but it was still good to get out and feel the crunch of fresh powder beneath my feet. 

Come Sunday myself and a group of other photographers headed for the Mournes once more. As luck would have it we were in for a much more exciting sunset than the one I experienced just one day prior.

On this occasion I thought I would break from the norm and use a zoom lens for my shots. The slideshow below shows just how much the sky changed after the sun went down. With every minute it seemed to just become a deeper shade of red — it was spectacular! 

If you fancy putting your legs to work then I strongly urge you to visit the Mournes. If at the very least to see some snow!