Old Favourites

I have been craving a good sunrise / sunset recently but haven't really had the chance to get out and shoot something. So this week I decided I would put an end to that! 

On Sunday evening I wasn't overly fussed on the idea of hiking through the Mournes so I headed to an old favourite — the Cloughmore stone. If you haven't been to Rostrevor to see this impressive boulder then I highly recommend you do so! The scenery here is simply breathtaking.

Next, it was time for sunrise. On Monday morning I ventured to Scrabo Tower to try and improve a selfie I took a number of months ago. This time I was aiming for softer light and hopefully a bit more action in the sky. As luck would have it, I got both!

As always, there is a version of this image without my ugly figure in it, should you prefer a print without a person in it.