Brighter Days

I feel I speak for everyone when I say that I am absolutely sick of this rain (although we've been much more fortunate than other parts of the UK). There have been a couple of occasions, however, when the weather hasn't been so poor. Whilst off for Christmas I tried my best to seize every glimpse of good weather, whether it was sunrise or sunset.

This started with a trip to the Mourne Mountains to see if the clouds would play nice and give me a sunset. Unfortunately, I had little time to make it to any sizable peak, and the weather was beginning to look a lot like rain. So with that I quickly made my way up Ott Mountain - a location I've been looking to photograph for a while. After arriving at the small mound of stones which marks the peak I was greeted with very strong winds - winds I didn't anticipate after my leisurely and breezy hike. Nevertheless, I tried my best at hand holding the camera and shot what I could while the wind bombarded me.

The next adventure was for sunrise. I had recently seen a fellow photographer post a photo from Bloody Bridge and when I saw the beautiful rock formations here I knew I had to see this location for myself. A word of caution, however, the rocks are extremely slippy - I almost fell countless times. Thankfully, I did manage to get myself into a position where I could get the shot I wanted; but I'll definitely be back here again to explore further compositions.