New Year's Eve Fireworks

This New Year's Eve we were blessed with a lights display of the celestial variety. It was hotly anticipated by aurora chasers, with high hopes of it arriving the night before - but it didn't. At least, not until the early hours of the following morning. 

Come New Year's Eve photographers were hoping the excitation in the earth's upper atmosphere would hold out until that evening, when daylight (and hopefully cloud cover) would have faded. 

After already getting photos at Dunluce Castle last October I thought I'd head to the Giant's Causeway for something different. Unfortunately, the display wasn't nearly as good as my first experience in October, but I think I'll be chasing that magic dragon for a long time here in N. Ireland. 

Regardless, it was an enjoyable night of aurora chasing. With the show not looking to get any better I decided to retire early and head out with friends and family for some New Year celebrations. All in all it was a fantastic evening.

Happy 2016 folks. 

(If you would like to see the October display, click here - you won't regret it)