When the Stars Aligned

This night actually started out with a very different photographic adventure in mind. I had originally made my way to Mussenden Temple for a few twilight shots, similar to those I had captured at Dunluce Castle and the Giant's Causeway several nights before. It later transpired, however, that something much more exciting was in store. 

After taking a few shots around the temple and playing with different compositions, I started to notice a peculiar band of brightness in the night sky. I decided to point my camera towards it to see what it was, and sure enough there was definitely something there. I then thought to myself, is that the Milky Way? Am I really seeing the Milky Way with all this light pollution and a half moon in the sky (although the moon had actually set at this stage)? 

After finishing up at Mussenden I decided to head home and catch up on some sleep - but not before throwing my photos onto the laptop and figuring out once and for all if I had actually seen the milky way. As it turned out, I did...

For months I had been waiting for the right conditions to photograph the Milky Way, and with it being one of the main reasons that I bought my new camera in the first place (and a wide angle lens) I wasn't going to squander this opportunity. I quickly got my gear together and headed somewhere that I knew would have less light pollution and hopefully some foreground interest. Where did I go? The Giant's Causeway of course. 

Whether it's meticulous planning, or simply blind luck, sometimes the stars align and you get everything you had hoped for. Tonight was that night.